Sunday, January 1, 2012

Best Body Ever

I've been going back and forth on starting the Jamie Eason Live Fit program for awhile now, I was supposed to start the week of Thanksgiving but then the kidney stone I've had since college decided it wanted out.  Then I needed time to recover and by that time it felt silly to start so close to Christmas when I knew I'd be baking (and eating) a ton.  Then announced their $100k 12 week challenge transformation competition and that sounded like pretty good incentive!  Plus, I realized that if I started the program on Monday, Jan. 2, I'd finish the week of my 31st birthday!  It would be pretty cool to turn 31 with a new body.  I think I even talked my husband and sister into doing the program as well.  My husband saw a magazine with Jamie Eason on the cover and suddenly he was willing to do the program, I think he thinks she's going to come to our house and train him personally!

Here are a few things to help me on my journey to a better body.  My husband bought me a jacket to wear to the gym and put a new protein bar in my stocking, it's called Iron Girl, anyone tried it?  I haven't tried it yet.  My Momma bought me a Cuisinart immersion blender (in pink!) for smoothies.  And between the two bags that I bought and one a friend bought me, I have 3 bags of oat flour for Jamie's protein bars.  Plus, fitness magazines to give me tips and keep me motivated!

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