Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1 of Live Fit Complete

I just got done uploading my before photos to (and I won't be showing them here until there are after photos).  They were awful and honestly, it's a wonder my husband is still married to me!  Why didn't anyone tell me how bad it is?!  Jeezzuss.
Today, was pretty much the worst day to start an exercise program, the gym was packed!  I probably won't make it tomorrow (since it's already almost midnight) but I'd like to start going in the AM before work to avoid the crowd.  Also because some of these workouts are new to me and require moving benches and stuff in the weight area and I'd like to not have 10 large men staring at me while I struggle.  I had to modify two of the exercises, but I think the result was the same.  The food part wasn't bad until my parents held me hostage at Ikea for 3 hours so I was starving and ate a grilled chicken salad at Chick fil a as soon as we left.  I figured it was better than the Ikea hotdogs!
I have salad prepared for lunch tomorrow with grilled chicken and I'll be eating eggs with half an Ezekial english muffin as my starch and some strawberries for breakfast.  A smaller piece of chicken for am snack and a protein shake for pm snack.  I plan to make the pumpkin protein bars, but I have to order the Xylitol first.
I'm excited to see what I can do with my body in 12 weeks!  I also plan to look at those before photos on my phone anytime I want to eat crap or not workout!  Ugh.

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