Sunday, June 13, 2010

And P.S. I want these...

Mini Uggs!

Back on the wagon

I went on vacation 2 weeks ago and last week I just pretended I was still on vacation (despite the whole having to work thing) so I haven't worked out and I've eaten like crap for 2 weeks.  But, starting Monday it's back on track.  Clean eating, lots of protein, protein, protein, veggies and whole grains!  I also typed out my gym schedule for the next few weeks (until the end of the month since I used an Ical calendar to do it).  Basically it's biceps/back,chest/triceps,shoulders/legs with 4 days of rest between each muscle group, an hour of cardio Mon.-Fri. and abs everyday (no weights just floor and stability ball work).  I really hope staying organized and prepared keeps me on top of everything.  I was doing pretty well before vacation, but I really want to step it up now.  I have a couple motivators in mind.  Before I got married I really wanted to do boudoir photos with my wedding photographer, but I never ended up doing them because the extra cost wasn't doable with all the wedding costs, so now I really want to do them as a gift for my husband for our first anniversary and let's be honest, there can only be so much photoshopping done so I need to drop some inches!  I also am planning to have a baby sometime in the next couple years or so and I REALLY don't want to be a fat mom.  I have a serious fear of becoming one of those women who gains weight during pregnancy and just never loses it after.  So, I figure if I get in super shape before it won't be so hard to do after!  That's my logic anyway.  Ha.
This is going to take a ton of work, not to mention time, but I think my husband's on the same page so maybe it'll be easier if we're doing it together.  We shall see.  One day left to be lazy and then it's back on!

Friday, June 11, 2010

'Eat, Pray, Love'

Two summers ago my friend called me while I was on the bike at the gym and insisted I read 'Eat, Pray, Love'.  She was so excited about it, I bought the book and started to read it, but soon got distracted and left it behind (kinda like that Eckhart Tolle book, 'A New Earth' still need to get back to that).  Recently though, I decided I wanted to see the movie coming out, so I should read the book and what better place to read the book, but on the beach in Jamaica?  And I have to say, I really loved the book the second time around.  I now want to travel to all the places Liz went in the book and I also want to get back into yoga and learn to meditate.  Meditating I'm not quite sure how to start, but I am going to go back to Tuesday night yoga at the gym and hope I get better at it, because I currently suck!

The goals:

Travel often
Do yoga and get flexible
Meditate and maybe gain some inner peace

Any suggestions on the meditating?                      

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We just spent a week in Jamaica and here's a little bit of what we did...

Ziplining in Jamaica from Melinda S Flynn on Vimeo.

(and my first time posting a video)