Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's talk about substitutions!

****Forgot to hit post on this last week. Yeah, I have it together.

I've been working out, even lifting weights, for a long time but there are some exercises I don't do.  And Jamie Eason's Livefit seems to have a lot of them!  Tonight, it was dead lifts (one legged isn't even a possibility), barbell lunges, and a bunch of chest flyes on a bench.  It's not so much that I can't do the flyes, it's just that lying back on the bench with my legs down hurts my lower back and the idea of putting my feet up and somehow staying on the bench and holding the weights just freaks me out.  I realize I'm crazy.  I think it mostly comes from my serious lack of balance.  So, I just skipped the dead lifts and lunges and did the flyes on the machine.  What can I do as a substitute?  Any ideas?  I'm trying to talk my husband into joining the gym so he can be there to initially assist me on the things that are totally awkward for me.  But. so far it's a no go.  We do have some weights in the basement though, I could do some of the things here.  Does anyone else just feel awkward about certain exercises at the gym?  I want to get better at the things that freak me out, but when the gym is packed and no one is really helpful (and no one seems to work there) it seems like it's going to take awhile.
In other news, lunch and dinner!
Black bean, red pepper, corn and avocado salad!  It was seriously delicious and I'll be eating more tomorrow.

Grilled steak, sauteed kale and roasted sweet potatoes.  Yum!

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