Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis

I've been sort of following Tracy Anderson since I saw her when Gwyneth was on Oprah.  I haven't tried any of the workouts yet, but I read her book.  I was afraid to start it because quite frankly, I like to eat and the meal plan was a little crazy.  Not only was it a small amount of food it was also not foods I'd normally buy.  I follow her on Facebook and Twitter though and still like to see what she's doing.  The other day I saw someone else's results on FB and I was so surprised to see how defined her arms were with only 3 lb. weights.  I use 10-15 lb. dumbbells, I thought 3 lbs. was a crazy idea!  The thing about Tracy that I really do like is that she seems to shrink people, it's like she just pulls a string and cinches you all in.  I'm not currently so small, but I used to be pretty tiny and I want that back.  So, Tracy's Metamorphosis is on QVC now and for $100 I can get 5 DVDs and a meal plan (that's hopefully more realistic than the bootcamp menu).  I kinda want to try it.  I've recently had a lightbulb switch back on and I've been really good about spinning in the morning and lifting with more cardio at night.  Could it be that I can stop all that and just do her DVDs and see results?  I'd really like to shrink my entire body and get defined muscles as well.  QVC has a 30 day money back guarantee, so I think I'll try it and see if it works and if not, I'll return it.  Has anybody tried it and loved it, or not?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's not jinx it but...

I've gotten every weekday morning since last Wednesday ridden my spin bike for 30 minutes or more and last night and tonight, I lifted weights and walked on the treadmill on an incline for 30 minutes.  I lost 3 lbs. last week, I'm hoping for 5 more this week with the double workouts.  Yay for having to be in a wedding in a little less than 6 weeks as motivation.  It seems weddings are the only thing I get motivated about.  Okay, I need to go to sleep now.