Sunday, February 26, 2012

My life right now

Today is Sunday and I'm getting ready for the week.  I've fallen off the fitness train the last few weeks, but I plan to jump back on tomorrow!  I have a lot going on right now, but I'm hoping to pull it all together and start getting things done!

The photo kind of sums up my life right now.  I just ordered a bunch of stuff from, I bought new lifting gloves (on clearance at Target!), then there's my prenatal gummy vitamins and the sharps container to hold all my discarded meds stuff for the IUI I just started.  See, on one side I'm trying to take control of my body and transform it into something I love and on the other side, I'm letting medicine take it over and help me create something I've been having trouble creating on my own (with my husband) not matter how much love I have for it.  So, like I said, a lot going on.  Part of me, doesn't want to push too hard in the gym, for fear that it will hurt my chances of getting pregnant, but I also want to make sure I'm healthy enough to create and carry a healthy baby for 40 weeks.  I go back to the doctor on Tuesday (blood work and ultrasounds every other day for about a week and a half!) so hopefully I'll see a doctor for more than 3 minutes this time and get a chance to ask about the weight lifting.  Until then, I'm starting Livefit back up tomorrow (I should be at week 10, but I think I'm going to start with week 8 since I've been off a few weeks) and I'm going to keep my weights on the lighter side for now.  I'm thinking heavy weights won't actually hurt until I'm pregnant, but I don't want to take any chances!
I gave myself my first shot last night and let me tell you, that video could stand to go a little slower!  I had to keep rewinding.  I'm pretty sure I lost some of the medicine trying to get an air bubble out and I'm pretty sure the air bubble never got out.  But, I'm still alive so, I guess I didn't screw up too much.  I'm hoping it gets easier!  The actual shot barely hurt.  I'm used to needles, spent more time than most in a hospital, but I still wasn't sure about giving myself shots.  Definitely not as bad as giving yourself a bikini wax!  :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crap day

I gotta be honest, today kinda blew.  I'm not pregnant, again, so now I have to start IUI in a few days.  I was REALLY hoping that even though I already paid for the medicine (and it's living in my refrigerator currently) that I'd be pleasantly surprised this month and just BAM, get pregnant the old fashioned way!  Guess not.  So, once I realized this, my mood took a plunge today.  I almost had a total fit at Wegman's tonight because they didn't have everything bagels and then I watched a guy take the last 8 slice pork roll (I like my pork roll thin) and almost really started to cry.  Luckily, I spotted an 8 slice shoved in with 4 slices. I realize that these things don't matter, but I was already in a crap mood so these things just seemed that much worse!
If I have to look on the bright side, the monthly visitor came a day early this month, so I get to start IUI earlier, which means I will hopefully be pregnant sooner!  Ha.  The sooner the better, it's getting close to two years people!  Did I also mention that I would find out if the IUI works right around my birthday?  Considering last year, I had a miscarriage a week before my birthday and two ruptured cysts, getting good news this year I think is not too much to ask!  I might even end up with twins!  That would be crazy.

Friday, February 17, 2012


The last two weeks I have been pretty much failing at the whole Livefit thing.  Life is just getting in the way.  Plus, I weighed myself for the first time since week one (now technically on week 7) and I GAINED weight.  Not cool.  It put me off.  But, I'm going to get back on track!  I just ordered a crap load of protein from as well as, BCAAs and omega 3s.  I got Whey protein in vanilla and chocolate for day and slow release casein in chocolate cake batter for night/sleeping.
I should also say that I bought a bikini the other day, so there's no choice!  I either need to get a flat stomach or a baby bump, because fat stomach doesn't work with bikinis.  I'd show you a picture, but there doesn't seem to be one on Target's website and not a chance in hell I'm taking a picture in it yet!  Will you settle for a description?  It's pink and grey stripes, triangle top and bikini bottom.  The thing that really sold me was it's made of t-shirt material!  Super cute!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

NYC with a friend!

One of my closest friends since Middle School has been living in Cambridge, MA for a few years now and I got to see her again, after almost a year.  She was in NYC because her husband had a job interview, so we met up and I got to spend some time with her and her cutie son!  He's a little boy now, no longer a baby like last time I saw him!

Here's the day in photos:

Breakfast for $4.25!  Can we say "bacon"?

Flirting with me after his nap!

Caramel Macchiato!

Art at the MET.  The Kiki Smith was my favorite.

Me and Ana

Me, Ana and Rafi!

Me and Rafi

Crumbs Cupcakes!  Red Velvet and Fluff n' Stuff.

It was a pretty awesome day and quite frankly exactly what I needed!  I've been so stressed lately with this whole trying to get pregnant thing, between the doctors and the insurance and the clearly incompetent people I've been dealing with, it was great to just relax and have fun for a day!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Lately, my face lotion has been failing me.  I have patches of dry skin and I've noticed by about 10 am that my skin is flaking!  What is going on?!  Flaking skin is not pretty.  I already have adult acne (ok, maybe not, but it's close), I don't need flaking skin to add to the list!  So, the other day I decided to go on a sample run.  I like to try things out before I purchase, I take full advantage of skincare samples.  First, I went to Nordstrom's (I love that store despite that I can barely even afford the Junior's section, let alone the clothes that actually come in my size) and got some Laura Mercier and Mario Badescu samples.  Then I moved on to Sephora where I got samples for a day cream, night cream and eye cream.

From Laura Mercier I got Mega moisturizer for day and Tone Perfecting Creme for night, from Mario Badescu I got the oil free moisturizer for day and the Seaweed Night Cream.

I started with the stuff from Sephora first and so far, I love the smell and feel of the Nurture Me, the eye cream is definitely a brightener, but it's a little heavy for day, it takes a long time to absorb.  The DDF glycolic, I'm not sure about yet.  It's nice enough, but I'll to see if I think it's actually making a difference.  I do have a new huge red zit on my chin, maybe it's courtesy of that??  Hard to tell, my face breaks out like that's its job!  I'm not sure about the Laura Mercier stuff after seeing the prices!  I'll try it I guess though.  The Mario Badescu products are definitely the most affordable, it'd be nice if they actually work too!  We'll see.
Anyone have any products they can't live without?