Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kidney Stone

Disclaimer:  I'll be posting a photo of my stone, so if that grosses you out, I'd close your eyes!  Or don't read this. :)

So, to review, I woke up Sunday night in crazy pain and it just got worse from there.  With the blood in my pee, I assumed it was kidney related and I had kidney stones back in like 2003 and only passed one, so I figured it might be a stone.  Monday I went to the regular doctor, they gave me Percocet and told me to get an x-ray.  My sister took me for an x-ray at the hospital that night and the stone was still up in my kidney.  I called a urologist in hopes of a quick appointment and the woman literally laughed at me, luckily I didn't take no for an answer and she gave me another branch to call.  I found out later they have TWENTY doctors at that location!  But, I'm glad it worked that way, because I ended up seeing the doctor I did and I love him.  He's nice, helpful, smart, and he dressed well.  Seriously, I'm in love.  Anyway, I saw the doctor Wednesday.  He told me to get a CT scan Friday and then see him again with a plan to do that sound wave surgery to get the stone out next Thursday.  But, when I saw him Friday my CT scan showed that the stone was now very close to my bladder so he could no longer do the sound wave surgery.  He thought I'd pass the stone this weekend if I drank lots of fluids, but if not, he'd laser the stone out Monday which would give me a little window to possibly still get pregnant this month!  See, he's awesome.  But, no surgery needed because I passed the stone last night!  It's pretty freakin huge and I am so happy it's out!
See, isn't it huge?!  That thing has been hanging out inside of me for like 8 years!  Crazy.  Okay, now I have to go bathe before my husband gets home.  Stinky me doesn't help my cause.

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