Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boots for Fall

I went shopping with my mom today, I didn't really buy anything since I'm currently broke, but I did file some things away to buy for Fall.  Here are some shoes I'm eyeing for Fall:

These were super comfortable, cute and not narrow like some other styles I've tried on like these.

I should say that I have a serious love for Uggs, it took me awhile to understand how people could spend so much money on boots like these, but I tried them on once and was totally sold.  I have pretty awful feet and I'm usually in pain, but my Uggs are so comfortable.  I'd wear them everyday if I could.  I even own the Ugg Gypsy flip flops (that I bought from DSW off the clearance rack for $22 with a coupon!).  I also own the tall grey ones (my first pair) and a pair of chestnut minis ordered from China when I found out they were no longer making the minis, but it looks like they changed their minds.  I'd love the two colors above and maybe a grey pair as well.  I'm not kidding about my love for them.  Really.

These are between an adult short and mini.

I was serious about my love!

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