Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Protein Shake with New Blender!

Recently, I've added two things to my To Buy list:

1. A juicer.  I've been eyeing this one.

2.  A blender.  I had a gift card for Boscov's that still had $19 on it, so I found the cheapest blender they had on sale for $20.  It ain't no Vita-mix, but it should do for awhile!

My first smoothie with the new blender.

PB&J Smoothie

skim milk (I know I need to get some soy and almond milk)
frozen strawberries
vanilla whey protein from Whole Foods
a heaping spoonful of crunchy Trader Joe's peanut butter
a packet of Truvia

I have to say, it's pretty delicious!  Next, I'm going to try adding rolled oats.

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