Saturday, July 23, 2011

Me & Ro Jewelry

Awhile back I found myself in the emergency room not once, but twice in one week and lucky for me I have an Iphone so I could pass the time and ignore the pain while roaming the internet.  One of the things I looked at was the Gilt mobile app I ha on my phone.  At the time, there was a Me and Ro Jewelry sale and I saw a buddha necklace I loved.  I think it was like $65.  Did I mention it was also the week before my birthday?  I should have just bought it because now I can't seem to find it.  I was just looking at the site (okay, I still am) and I came across a few other pieces that I like.  But, I still prefer that Buddha.  Bummer.

"luck and prosperity"

"Thousand Arms of Compassion"

"Remover of Obstacles"

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