Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random post from starbucks on my iPad...

So, I stopped at Starbucks for an iced b&w mocha before I head over to Trader joe's for some peanut butter and jazz apples, among other things. I've been having one of those weeks at work where I'm constantly being reminded that I need to move on. There's nothing there for me really, sure my boss is great, but the work is not challenging and I certainly don't make enough money. I wish I was lucky enough to just quit and find my way into something else. But, that's not happening. And if one more person tells me I'm lucky to have a job, I might scream! I realize I am lucky to have a job, when so many people do not, but that doesn't mean I should just exist everyday. I didn't go to college to be someone's admin forever! Maybe I should just go to grad school already. If I had done that 5 years ago when I was first miserable my whole life might be different by now! I'm so afraid to make a decision about the future and choose the wrong thing, but instead I'm just wasting away. Yeah, I'm lame.
Photos of my b&w mocha and my lunch to spice this depressing post up!

Tall iced B&W mocha


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