Saturday, April 7, 2012

New blog love

Today I was perusing Pinterest and clicked on a makeup photo which led me to a new blog called The Honeybee!  I've been reading it on and off all day and I've come away with two thoughts.  1. I would like an Alexander Wang Rocco bag with rose gold hardware and 2.  I hope when I'm nine months pregnant I can look like Andee, but seeing as how my butt is already bigger than hers, it's not likely.  I kinda feel like I should go on a starvation diet in the next few weeks before I find out if the second IUI worked.  Of course, I realize this is unhealthy, so instead I'm cutting back on the meat, sweets and dairy.  I actually made this decision before seeing Andee 9 months pregnant but I have to admit, it's an extra push.  In preparation, I watched 'Food Inc.' again today.  Just to gross myself out a little more about the state of our food.  So the goals are these:

1.  Juice every day.  I have a very expensive juicer that I rarely use.
2.  Eat less meat and more vegetables and grains.
3.  Cut out the added sugar, specifically in things like cookies and cupcakes.
4.  Cut out dairy.  Or at least cut back.  I don't consume a ton of dairy, but I do like cheese on my tacos and in my salads.  Oh and I'm also a fan of sour cream on my tacos.  I eat a lot of tacos.

I have to say that I have a tire around my waist that I'm not a fan of and I have awful skin (or really it's just my chin area) and while neither of these things are being helped by the hormone shots I've been giving myself, the shots are also not the main cause.  I can stand to eat better, especially since I'm forbidden from going to the gym these days.  No jostling things.  The spin bike in my living room is starting to collect dust.  I might try to do some slow steady state though.  I'm just afraid to hurt anything.  No jostling.

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