Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Needles and hormones

If you read my blog, or know me in person, you probably know that I'm going through fertility treatments.  Believe me, I never thought I'd be considering IVF (invitro fertilization) but things don't always work out like we plan!  When my husband and I first decided to expand our little family, we had no idea the journey we were in for.  It's been almost 2 years, 1 miscarriage, 4 rounds of Clomid and we are now on our third round of IUI (intrauterine insemination) with shots.  If this last attempt doesn't work, we will be moving on to IVF.
The first round of IUI, I was so optimistic, why wouldn't it work?  Especially since the doctors have pegged me with "unexplained infertility".  But, it didn't work.  Luckily, we jumped right into round 2 and sped up the process a little.  But, that didn't work either.  So now, I'm on round 3, three vials of Bravelle a night at this point and another doctor appointment tomorrow before work.
I have to say, it's really starting to take its toll on me mentally and physically.  I'm lucky enough to be producing a lot of follicles, but that's causing my ovaries to become enlarged, which is uncomfortable bordering on painful.  Not to mention, I've gained a ton of weight since I've started with the shots.  I have not actually weighed myself, but my stomach has gotten huge and none of my pants fit me.  It's not fun.  I could really do without this lovely side effect!  On top of that, I'm not allowed to go to the gym.  I can't risk, jostling things or even worse, twisting or flipping an ovary (who even knew this was possible?!), so I have to avoid the gym.  Also, I am so emotional!  I almost started crying at work the other day while talking to a co-worker and just tonight I started crying for no reason.  I have no idea why, I was just reading my blog roll and I started to cry!
I really can't wait for this all to be over.  I'm ready for that baby and I'm also ready to stop putting my body through these things!  Hopefully, the third time's the charm!

I get to stick one of these suckers in my leg every night!

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