Thursday, March 29, 2012

Plastic and twins

More and more I'm hearing about BPA in plastic being harmful to your health.  I've read that it's a hormone disruptor, which could be a problem if someone is trying to get pregnant and today while sitting in the waiting room of the fertility clinic I read an article about it making you fat.  Any way you look at it, it doesn't seem like it's helpful.  So, I've been making a conscious effort to use less plastic.  I started by getting rid of my Smartwater bottle that I constantly REFILL.  Apparently, that is one of the worst things I could be doing!  And today I purchased glass pitchers at Crate & Barrel to replace the plastic pitcher I've been using to make iced tea in for the last 6 years (since we moved in this house) and I bought a Lifefactory glass water bottle to replace that Smartwater bottle.  I'm going to miss the sport cap, but I guess I'll get over it.

While I was at Crate and Barrel I met my twin.  We didn't look alike but based on our conversation we had an eerie amount in common.  As soon as I said I was looking for glass pitchers she said, "Oh yeah, plastic is bad for you."  Most of the time people just think I'm nuts when I talk about something to do with the environment or chemicals or the food I eat.  We proceeded to have a conversation ranging from kale, to quinoa (which she pronounced correctly), to Chickfila (she shares my love and also appreciates that they are closed on Sundays).  She happened to be pregnant and we got on that topic so I shared that the reason I was looking into glass because of BPA being a possible cause for infertility.  I then told her a little about my experience and she said she'd pray for me and then told me about the medal she wore around her neck, Saint Gerard the Patron Saint of Motherhood.  I resisted my crazy and did not tell her we should be friends.  But I wish we were.  It was just so weird how much we seemed to have in common.  She even said she didn't own a microwave (we own one, but it's in the basement and we rarely use it)!  I mean, come on, we should totally be BFF!  No?

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