Saturday, February 4, 2012

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Lately, my face lotion has been failing me.  I have patches of dry skin and I've noticed by about 10 am that my skin is flaking!  What is going on?!  Flaking skin is not pretty.  I already have adult acne (ok, maybe not, but it's close), I don't need flaking skin to add to the list!  So, the other day I decided to go on a sample run.  I like to try things out before I purchase, I take full advantage of skincare samples.  First, I went to Nordstrom's (I love that store despite that I can barely even afford the Junior's section, let alone the clothes that actually come in my size) and got some Laura Mercier and Mario Badescu samples.  Then I moved on to Sephora where I got samples for a day cream, night cream and eye cream.

From Laura Mercier I got Mega moisturizer for day and Tone Perfecting Creme for night, from Mario Badescu I got the oil free moisturizer for day and the Seaweed Night Cream.

I started with the stuff from Sephora first and so far, I love the smell and feel of the Nurture Me, the eye cream is definitely a brightener, but it's a little heavy for day, it takes a long time to absorb.  The DDF glycolic, I'm not sure about yet.  It's nice enough, but I'll to see if I think it's actually making a difference.  I do have a new huge red zit on my chin, maybe it's courtesy of that??  Hard to tell, my face breaks out like that's its job!  I'm not sure about the Laura Mercier stuff after seeing the prices!  I'll try it I guess though.  The Mario Badescu products are definitely the most affordable, it'd be nice if they actually work too!  We'll see.
Anyone have any products they can't live without?

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