Thursday, February 23, 2012

Crap day

I gotta be honest, today kinda blew.  I'm not pregnant, again, so now I have to start IUI in a few days.  I was REALLY hoping that even though I already paid for the medicine (and it's living in my refrigerator currently) that I'd be pleasantly surprised this month and just BAM, get pregnant the old fashioned way!  Guess not.  So, once I realized this, my mood took a plunge today.  I almost had a total fit at Wegman's tonight because they didn't have everything bagels and then I watched a guy take the last 8 slice pork roll (I like my pork roll thin) and almost really started to cry.  Luckily, I spotted an 8 slice shoved in with 4 slices. I realize that these things don't matter, but I was already in a crap mood so these things just seemed that much worse!
If I have to look on the bright side, the monthly visitor came a day early this month, so I get to start IUI earlier, which means I will hopefully be pregnant sooner!  Ha.  The sooner the better, it's getting close to two years people!  Did I also mention that I would find out if the IUI works right around my birthday?  Considering last year, I had a miscarriage a week before my birthday and two ruptured cysts, getting good news this year I think is not too much to ask!  I might even end up with twins!  That would be crazy.

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