Saturday, September 10, 2011


A friend of mine had a little baby boy the other day and I got to meet him for the first time today.  He might just be the cutest newborn I've seen to date.  It's possible this has something to do with his full head of dark hair, I have a thing for babies with lots of hair.  In fact, I'll pretty bummed if my own baby doesn't come out with a full head of hair!  I was born with red hair and it fell out and grew back in white blonde.  I'm not sure about my husband, I should ask his dad.  But, based on the fact that we both have thick hair now, I'm willing to bet our baby will have hair from the womb!  We both think it will be red because I was born with red hair and he has a reddish beard (but dark brown hair) and also my dad has red hair (not sure if that matters).
Getting to meet RJ today, hold his tiny little body and have him look at me with his big eyes, just reiterated my desire for my own baby soon.  I mean, really, it can't be soon enough!  Not to mention I also found out today that the new hospital delivers food to the patients like room service and it can be ordered from like 7 am until midnight!  I'm not gonna lie, that sort of thing totally appeals to me!  Ha.
I've always wanted to have a baby (or 2) even before I was sure I wanted to get married.  In fact, I used to see my future with a baby, but never a husband.  Now, I'm happy to say I have a wonderful husband who will make a great father and I can't wait until that happens!  The idea of teaching a little baby how to be a good person really appeals to me.  It's pretty much the main appeal, but the fact that babies are so cute doesn't hurt either!

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