Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Keeping up with the Year of Fun in 2014, I went to the Monumentour the other night with my husband and siblings.  I got the tickets back in February and have been looking forward to it since.  Well, sort of.  I was looking forward to the concert, not so much looking forward to the Pit tickets I foolishly purchased.  I must have temporarily forgotten that I am old now and even when I wasn't old, I wasn't into standing in the Pit at a concert.  I don't like standing (seriously, ever) and I also have crap balance so I like to avoid occasions where there are large masses of people and potential for me to get knocked over and trampled!  So, while I was looking forward to the concert, I was dreading the getting tampled part.  Luckily, I managed to find a spot at the back of the Pit, by the rail, with a little step/bench that I could rest on if I needed to.

First, New Politics played.  I don't really know this band, except maybe one song they play on the radio and I can't say I'm going to run out and buy their cd now, but I have to say, they were really fun to watch!  They just seemed to really love being there and performing.  The lead singer even did a bunch of breakdancing/yoga moves and at one point, stood up in the crowd, trusting people to hold him up.  It was a nuts.

Then came Paramore.  This was the second time I saw Paramore, the first being only a few months ago at the same venue (seats were really far back then), and I would totally see them again!  They also seemed to be really happy to be there and performing.  Hayley Williams runs all over the stage, jumping around and singing.  They were great and the confetti they shoot at the crowd was fun.  I was bummed I didn't get a balloon though.

By the time Fall Out Boy came on, I was ready for bed.  Yeah, I'm that old.  It got really crowded and I was no longer very comfortable, I was ready to go home.  But, we stayed until the end.  Maybe it was me being tired or maybe it was them, but FOB didn't seem to be as into it as the other two bands.  It was a little surprising since they kept saying how they were so happy to have gotten this tour together (and this tour just started), but they have been doing this a long time, maybe they're over it.  Maybe it's just a job now.  They weren't bad, they just didn't seem that excited.  Ha.  But, I guess anything can start to get old if you do it often enough and they have been doing it for awhile.

All in all, we had a great time!  My brother and sister had fun, my brother even slapped Pete Wentz's hand because he got so close to the stage.  It would have been nice to get that close, but I saw all the "enter at your own risk" signs, I wasn't moving!  Afterwards, my husband and I went to Wawa to get food.  I felt like I was back in high school with our late night runs for a Wawa hoagie!  When we got home, we ate our hoagies and watched the new Girl Meets World and officially knew we were old.

me and my baby

me and my brother

me and my sister

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