Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Goodebox #1

I've talked about trying to change my skincare and makeup to more natural products and so when I heard that Goodebox would be releasing 4 limited edition boxes to go with the A Night for Green Beauty event in August, I knew it would be a great way to start!  The boxes have at least 5 full size products from leading green beauty brands and cost $110 each.  There are only 50 of each box, so when they go on sale you have to move fast!
Here is the first box:
I think the box ends up being worth close to, if not over, $300.  So far, I've used the Neroli oil a couple times, the Odacite (the first time I didn't mix it with a lotion like they instruct, and it really didn't go far, so now I mix it with the Pollen & Wax Velvet lotion I bought a while ago, much better), and I've used the exfoliator twice, once mixed with water and once with Manuka honey (I swear it smells like foccacia, but my friend thinks I'm nuts since it's made with nothing that resembles foccacia).  I haven't tried the Kahina serum yet and forget to use the perfume or the lipgloss.  To be honest, I'm not sure about mixing all those different oils.  I kind of wish each box had one of each type of product, otherwise I just get confused about which to use.
I haven't noticed any crazy difference in my skin.  Well, actually, my skin is awful right now, but that totally has to do with my crap eating for sure.  I haven't used any of the products religiously enough to notice a difference.  I'm not one of those girls with a regimen.  I'm working on it.  The problem is, I like to sleep.  I'm lucky if I manage makeup.  I read about people with their morning routines of yoga and mediation, or even just coffee and some quiet time to reflect on the day, one woman even said she takes BATHS in the morning!  Who has time for that?!  This morning, I managed to inhale some freezer burnt gluten free waffles, and take my black coffee to go!  I threw on some CC cream and concealer at my desk and hoped for the best!  But, maybe one day I'll have time for a skincare regimen after my leisurely coffee and meditation session.  Maybe all these new products will push me into it!  #agirlcandream

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