Saturday, November 5, 2011

Still going strong!

I went back to the gym last Saturday for the first time in months and I'm happy to say, I kept it up throughout the week!  I initially planned to do cardio in the morning on my spin bike and lift Mon.-Thurs., alternating upper and lower body and then do a full body workout Saturday, but then I spoke to a trainer at my gym and also a guy I work with who is in like super shape and decided to change it up.  I want to be effective as possible.  So, the new plan is:

Cardio in the AM (I ordered a GYMBOSS to help me with HIIT)
Lifting 6 days a week
Monday- Back, Biceps, Abs
Tuesday- Chest, Triceps, Butt
Wednesday- Legs and Shoulders
Repeat Cycle Thursday - Saturday
Heavy weights first cycle and lighter second to switch it up

I'm setting a goal to stick to this plan until Christmas.  By then I should see real results and then I can adjust things to keep from plateauing.

I even said goodbye to Chick fila for awhile, this is serious people!

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