Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jamie Eason plans thwarted by kidney stones

I was planning to start the Jamie Eason Live Fit 12 week program on Monday, but Sunday night I started peeing blood and in the middle of the night, the pain came.  Pain that brought right back to that night in college when I thought I was going to die.  I literally thought I should keep the bathroom door unlocked so my roommates could get in if I died.  Turned out to be 2 kidney stones.  I passed one of them and as of this March when I was in the hospital for other reasons, the other one was still there hanging out.  I was told it was rather large so it probably wouldn't move.  Ha, guess they were wrong!  I went to the doctor yesterday and of course they were barely helpful, gave me a prescription for percocet (which is not really helping the pain and only causing me to vomit) and Flomax to loosen my urinary tract and help me pass the stone more easily, but apparently my insurance company thinks only men get kidney stones and need Flomax, so I'm still waiting on special permission for that one!  I also went for a stomach x-ray yesterday.  Not that anyone told me what it showed.  Tomorrow I go see a urologist.  When I called to make an appt. the first woman on the phone actually laughed at me when I asked for an appt. today and told me that they are a specialist so I won't be getting an appt. for 2-3 weeks! I told her that was ridiculous and by then I'd probably no longer have a problem.  She gave me the number of another of their offices.  Funny how when I called there, that woman was helpful and personable and got me an appt. for tomorrow!
I'm pretty amazed that this kidney stone has decided to move this week of all weeks.  This is my week for baby making after my last month of Clomid before I see a specialist!  How I'm supposed to make a baby in this pain, I'm not so sure.  Maybe this is my body's way of telling me a baby is just not in my cards right now or maybe it wanted to get rid of the stone before the baby.  Because I definitely would not want a kidney stone while pregnant!  So, I'm trying not to get too upset about the timing of it all.
The pain is a lot better today so far, so who knows, maybe I'm about to pass it!  I'm going to drink lots of water today and hope it helps!
And Jamie Eason will have to wait until next week!

P.S. I'm super grateful for that woman at the Delaware Valley Urology Mt. Laurel office, she was helpful and nice!

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