Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Hair

 I used to change my hair pretty often, either the cut or the color, but in the last few years I was growing it out for my wedding and trying to keep as close to my natural color as possible, so I just let it grow and kept it close to dirty blonde.  Here are a couple photos from my wedding to show my hair color.

It actually kinda looks strawberry blonde sometimes.  Anyway, I've been itching to change it up and I was thinking what about red?  I've had red hair before, in fact, I've had pretty much every color hair and I think I can pull it off again.  I was thinking something like Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's hair.  Something like this.

I have a hair appointment Tuesday after work.  I'm going to bring a photo for Myra and see what she thinks.  My husband has said he likes the blonde, but I know he really doesn't care.  And I'll eventually go back to blonde, he's got the rest of our lives to see me change my hair.

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