Sunday, February 23, 2014

Doing This Detox


I wrote the below post a few months ago, when I first started the detox, but never hit publish.  Now, I am actually going off the detox, almost done adding everything back in.  I have lost some weight, pretty much gotten rid of me stomach issues (except when I eat too much bread/fried foods) and my skin cleared up a lot (though I recently added back in dairy a little and noticed my skin breaking out a bit).  I am still not pregnant, but my doctor has started treating me specifically for infertility with acupuncture now that he feels I'm much healthier.  I'll be honest, since a few months have gone by of me on this crazy detox and I'm still not pregnant, I have gotten a little discouraged, but I see the doctor again on Tuesday and I plan to get his honest opinion about what kind of time frame I need to put this in.  I'm not technically doing fertility treatments but I am still working towards pregnancy and really sort of revolving my life around it.  I don't know when/if that will ever stop, unless I have a baby.

Previous unpublished post:

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but I'm doing a doctor ordered detox.  I've been battling unexplained infertility (yes, it is a battle) for about 3.5 years and after 3 specialists, 5 IUIs, 6 IVFs and no success, I decided to try a different route.  I started seeing a D.O. (Osteopathic doctor) in October.  He's an actual medical doctor who also uses Chinese medicine a lot in his practice.  I just figured he'd treat me with acupuncture and that'd be all.  Boy, was I wrong!  My first visit with him was probably around 2 hours long.  He did an Autonomic Response Test (tests for things like Mercury poisoning, excess yeast and slew of other stuff), Neural Therapy (sticks Novicaine filled syringes into your scars to open your Meridians on the inside), Micro-Current Therapy (electro current) and Acupuncture.  During this visit he discovered that I have excess yeast in my system.  I always thought maybe this was an issue for me, but didn't know how to find out for sure.  Ever since I can remember my stomach always hurts and my chin breaks out.  Once a girl working at Sephora told me that her chin used to always break out and she found out it was because she had too much yeast in her body, so I started to wonder if that could be my problem too.  And since I've had such trouble getting pregnant/staying pregnant, I wonder if it could all be related?  I mean, essentially, too much yeast makes your body toxic and I can't imagine that would be a great environment for a baby.
So, the doctor tells me I too much yeast and FUNGUS in my body and the way I get rid of it is with a detox diet.  Ordinarily this diet takes about 17 weeks but since I've been on this journey for so long, he knows I'm in a hurry, so he told me he was going to add in some other things to speed it up to six weeks (hopefully).  Along with the no dairy, no grains, no sugar, no legumes, no processed food and no pork, I also have to do detox baths (1.5 cups epsom salt and 1.5 cups baking soda in water as hot as you can stand for 30 mins.) every night, and I'm taking these antifungal drops before meals, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamin D drops, and Borage Oil at night.  I'm also supposed to be Grounding every day for 20 mins., but I haven't been doing that.  I just don't have time to stand outside for 20 mins. and not to mention it's not exactly warm and sunny lately! 
I saw the doctor a week after I started the diet and not much had changed at that point, but they said it was normal.  I'll see him again next week and at that point I'll be 30 days into it!  I'm really hoping the yeast has cleared up

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