Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birthday 2014 Recap!

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday, yes this is crazy.  I feel 15, well sometimes I feel 80, but never 33.  It was a pretty perfect day.  It started with my friend taking me for a mani/pedi, Starbucks and shoe shopping (where I got Steve Madden boots for $25 with a clearance sale and coupons!), then I met my family (my mom, aunts, grandmom, cousin and her baby) for lunch, after that I went to dinner with my husband!  It was a pretty awesome day!

Birthday gift from my baby!

Nails and Starbucks with my friend (she spoiled me)!

Waiting for the train to Philly with my baby

My goofball and that yummy pizza with an egg on top!

Skirt steak


Short Ribs

Selfie at the table (after two glasses of Sangria)

Train ride home

Bday cake from Coldstone!!

Also, I have a new blog design coming soon.  Just need to get it together enough for a new photo!  ;)

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