Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I do love watches.

I've always liked watches, and I tend to like "guy" watches better than "girl" watches.  Does anybody remember the watch Angelina Jolie used to wear with the big leather band?  I had that watch.  I also had a hot pink version.  More recently, I've fallen for Michael Kors watches.  I started with a "girl" silver MK watch and then I discovered that I could wear the "boy" ones!  Last year, Nordstrom's was having a sale and I bought a silver men's watch with a black face and red accents.  I liked that it was a little different than all the others.  This year, Nordstrom's was having the same sale and I just couldn't resist.  I bought two more watches!

The first watch is a little heavier and what I like to call "rugged", the second is rose gold but I like that it's a little different with the grey face.  Each watch was a little on the expensive side, but I pretty much got two for the price of one not on sale.  Plus, I had birthday money I saved.  A lot of people think it's crazy to spend a lot of money on a watch, but it's something you wear everyday!  And remember, I didn't pay full price!

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