Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Philip DeFranco Show

Yesterday, I updated my Iphone and Ipad to IOS5 and so today I was trying to watch Gossip Girl with Apple TV Airplay.  Apparently, Gossip Girl is not online to watch, which is annoying.  But after trying to search for it on YouTube, I came across a video of sxephil in The Philip DeFranco Show and I gotta say, I'm in love!  Yes, I know I'm married, but whatev, I love him (I also love mini apples, so don't get too excited).  He's cute, smart, funny.  I've only watched like three videos so far, but I subscribed to his show.  And here's one of his videos.  It combines my love for him and Steve Jobs and my desire to not do something I hate for the rest of my life!

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