Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011!

Twenty ten was an okay year.  Nothing too amazing happened.  To be honest, the year flew by!  I really don't know where it went.  I got married at the end of 2009 and then all the sudden it was the end of 2010.  There were a few house renovations (a new kitchen built by my wonderful husband), new floors (also courtesy of my husband), a couple trips, my one year wedding anniversary was celebrated and one of my closest friends had her first baby in November.  But, the truth is, there was a lot that was not accomplished in 2010.  But, alas, there's nothing I can do about that now, so instead I'm going to concentrate on making 2011 my best year yet!  Twenty eleven is kind of a big deal because I will be turning 30!  I know, it's kinda crazy.  I can't believe it myself.  I'm sure you see why this year is so important to accomplish a few things.  So, let's get down to it.  I'll guess I'll go with the list.

1.  Eat more vegetables and whole foods.  Cut back on the processed foods.  I tend to get lazy and just eat out for lunch and sometimes even dinner, but I really want to pay more attention to the quality of what I'm eating.
2.  Find the door to my gym again.  I have been really awful about going to the gym for like SIX MONTHS, ugh it hurts just typing that.  I REALLY need to go back.  Bottom line, I start tomorrow.  I have no choice.  The real goal here is to feel good enough about my body to be willing to go to the gym in just a sports bra and pants.  Ha.  So ridiculous, but it would be so awesome!
3.  Keep my house clean.  Usually, I clean on the weekends and by like Tuesday the house is a mess again.  The thing is, there are only TWO OF US, and we live in a relatively small house, you'd think we could keep it clean!  It's so annoying.  I'm not perfect and I can be lazy, but my husband, it's like no one ever taught him to hang up his coat, put his clothes in the laundry, put his dish in the sink let alone the dishwasher.  It's really kind of amazing and not in a good way.  I mean, if we can't even keep a house clean now, what are we going to do when we have kids?!  So, my goal is for the two of us to get it together and keep the house clean.  I might have made a point with him earlier when I mentioned that if we could keep the house clean on a regular basis, we wouldn't have to spend our days off cleaning, I think he may have got it.  We'll see.
4.  Find a career I love.  This is one that is very important to me.  I'm not happy with my current job and I haven't been for quite awhile.  I just don't see the point in spending my days doing something I don't find challenging or useful.  So this it, this is the year I'm going to make that change and follow my heart to something I love to do.
5.  Start an etsy shop.  I like to bake.  I do it a lot and I'm pretty good at it, at least that's what I hear.  So I think it's time to take it to the next level.  And I've seen other people with etsy bakeshops, so why can't I have one?  This is something I hope to have off the ground by the end of January.  What am I waiting for?  Who knows, it could lead to great things!
6.  Update my blog more often.  I think this will come with living my life more fully and having more things to talk about.
7.  Actually get my personal training certification.  I signed up (and paid) for this in July 2009 and I still haven't done it!  I have until July to finish it or I'm out the money I paid.  At this point, it's just a matter of getting it done.  It might be a good side job.  Ha.
8.  Clean out the back bedroom.  Right now it's just a pit holding a futon, ten ton of books and cds, my craft table (that I never use) and wedding remnants (gifts and other stuff) but it's ultimately going to be a nursery (hopefully).  I kinda have it in my head that if I clean out the room a baby will come.  I hope so.  I look forward to having a child to teach how to be a good person.  But, let's not get into that now.
9.  Use my camera more.  I have a pretty nice camera that should be getting a lot more use.  But, suspect it'll be getting more use with the start of my etsy shop and the increased updating of my blog!  
10.  Touch my toes.  I know this is ridiculous, but I can't touch my toes.  I mean, it's not even close.  So, I'd like to change that.
11.  Start a family.  I'm not sure this can be a goal, since it's not really something I can control.  But, the goal definitely is to add a baby to our little family in 2011.  Right now it's just my husband and I along with our dog and cat.  We feel like a baby would fit quite nicely in it.  We might need to get a king sized bed for family day on Sundays, but that's okay!  Until that happens though, I'll be concentrating on the other ten goals.
Here's to a great year!

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