Saturday, August 16, 2014

Because I'm Nuts

I have a tendency to see something I want, get obsessed with it and then usually forget about it after awhile.  This happens a lot when I'm not busy at work and I troll the internet to pass time.  Online shopping is the devil!  Among other things (one being a new HOUSE), I am suddenly in NEED of a new laptop.  I totally DO NOT NEED a new laptop, I barely touch the Macbook Pro I already own since I got my Ipad mini for Christmas last year (and did I mention I also have an Iphone?).  I really, really don't need a new laptop!  But, my work computer is total crap and when there's long bursts of downtime at work, I decide a Macbook air would really be awesome because I could bring it to work and use it for things like updating my blog, writing, building an empire, you know, whatever I'd need it for!  I own a lot of Apple products and have since I was in college and bought my first white Ibook and usually I buy refurb.  I have never had any issues and the discount (for a company that rarely has sales) is pretty substantial.  Right now, there are a couple refurb options for the Macbook airs and they aren't that expensive (I type this and laugh at myself because I AM NUTS!), but I can't decide whether I'd like the 11 or 13 inch?  Hahaha.  Serious problems.  I already own an Imac and a 13 inch Macbook Pro (which I've decided is too heavy to carry around) so I'm kinda thinking 11 inch would be the best option, but will it be too small to really do anything on?  I should go to the store and pick them.  Ha.  No, I should forget the idea.  But really, haha, which one?


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