Thursday, May 8, 2014

Becoming More at One with my Body

My body has it's problems, but I know for sure it could be worse, so I am thankful for it!  Still, I feel as though I should be treating it better and also pushing it more.  I used to do yoga (jeez like 10 years ago now) and while I was pretty awful at it, I was getting better.  Until I stopped.  I regret it so much that I stopped.  I can only imagine how much better I'd be at it if I had stuck to it and I'm sure my body would better off.  I've been thinking about getting back into it even though I know I'll still be awful and it'll probably be painful.  I have space in a spare bedroom (it's really a craftroom/thirty one storage space) where I can set up a mat and my laptop to have videos guide me.  If I was rich, I'd hire a personal teacher to guide me, but yeah, I'm not rich. 

I also would like to get back into meditation.  I tried going to a meditation center a couple times, but it wasn't guided and I usually ended up falling asleep or crying.  Yeah.  I have it all together.  I stopped going 1. because it's near my old job and 2. it wasn't really helping anyway.  I'm sure some of you saw Unplug Meditation on Goop last week.  That's the type of place I need!  I wish there was one around here.  I'm sorta kinda planning to visit L.A. in August, maybe I'll add this to my list of places to go!

Found this on Pinterest
A girl can dream!

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