Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Tracy Anderson Method

I just got finished reading Tracy Anderson's new book, The 30-Day method and I'm trying to decide if I can handle it.  Basically, it's a 30 day bootcamp that involves, her dance aerobics, her mat routine, and a menu for 30 days, 4 meals a day.  The workout doesn't really concern me (despite that it's 7 days a week), it's the menus that are kinda freaking me out.  First, let's just say it's not a lot of food, but also the recipes are for one portion and it's all different stuff.  I'm afraid to buy like a bunch of broccoli and then only use like one chunk.  I think I'd prefer less options since the recipes are for one serving.  Tracy says not to substitute, but let's be honest it might happen.  I'm not talking about substituting a cookie for a salad, but maybe picking some of her recipes and stick with them.  Here's an example of her menus:

Day 1

Breakfast- Strawberry mint salad  (No lettuce in sight, just strawberries, fresh mint and agave nectar)
Lunch- Tomato Minestrone Soup
Snack- Choco chestnut pudding (It involves cooked chestnuts, peeled and pureed and dates)
Dinner- Poached Cod and Roasted Asparagus

Like I said, Not a lot of food.  And it's gonna take some serious effort in the preparation department.  Do I really have time for it?  I know it's only 30 days, but I have a full-time job and husband.  I would like to look something like this though.
I want to be tiny and tight!

I bet it'd work at least slightly if I did the workouts and stuck to some of the meals.  Cut out the Chick fil a weekly trips and the raspberry mochas and I bet I'd be good!  Right?

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