Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Ipad

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm kind of a Mac snob.  I bought an Ibook in college and would NEVER go back to a PC.  I don't even care if it means I'm using my Ibook for seven years until I can afford a new one!  A couple years ago, my now husband and I upgraded to an Imac (I almost had a heart attack when he tried to bring his huge, crappy Dell computer to into our house) and a few months ago I became the proud owner of a Macbook Pro (it's to write my novel, I swear) and NOW I really want
an Ipad.  I've been back and forth on a Kindle for awhile, not quite sure if it was worth it since, though I read a lot, I try to get a lot of my books from the library.  But, once I heard about the Ipad I decided to wait it out and see what the Ipad was like.  I went to check it out at the store last Saturday when it came out and I pretty much love it.  I know it's more than a Kindle, but it also does a ton more.  Plus, it comes with like 124 free books, from what I saw when I looked at it.  I was still thinking, "Would it be worth it if I'd rather go to the library and get free books that don't take up space in my house?"  Well, the truth is, I belong to two book clubs and I can't always get the books from the library, so I order them from Amazon, so why not just download them and not have to wait for them to be shipped and not have to lug around a big book?  See?  It is a good idea!  I got money from father in law for my Bday (last month) and I think I'm going to put it toward an Ipad.  Probably not right now, maybe in a few months.  I'll let it work out any kinks and who knows, maybe I can get a refurb!  haha.  I am ALWAYS looking for a deal.  There's even a pink case for it that would match the one I have for my Macbook Pro!

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