Monday, October 1, 2012

Round three?

Transfer two was a FAIL!  I got that lovely phone call today.  They tricked me because they called me super early so I thought it was good news finally.  Nope.  I cried.  Then I got pissed.  And now I have two appointments with two new fertility doctors.  Plus, I'll be making an appointment for an osteopathic fertility specialist tomorrow!  I feel like 10 months of my time and tears is enough.  Time to see my other options!  Two of the doctors are local and one is in NYC.  I read about Dr. Braverman on A Blog About Love about a month ago.  Of course, I really thought this last transfer would work and i wouldn't need this info. buuuttt, I was wrong!  I requested a consult via his website this morning and he called me this afternoon!  I mean, the doctor HIMSELF called me this afternoon!  Not only was it a quick response but it was the actual doctor!  I think my doctors have called me MAYBE twice in the last 10 months!  Unfortunately, NYC is a bit away and I'm not even sure if they accept my insurance but I'll just see what happens.  Right now I have an appointment with one of the local doctors Wednesday (thanks to whoever cancelled!) and an appointment with Dr. Braverman on October 30.  I'm trying to stay calm and take things as they come.  If I see the local doctor Wednesday and I like what he has to say and he wants to start me on an IVF cycle right away, I'll probably go for it.  If not, I'll keep my appointment at the end of the month and look into other doctors as well.  Don't want to waste any time!
In the meantime, it's back to the gym tomorrow (I took time off after the transfer to relax and hope for some good news) and some concentration on other things!  Like visiting my brother in Oklahoma in a few weeks!

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