Sunday, July 29, 2012

I need a new scale...

But instead I bought a Nutribullet.  I've been wanting a new blender for quite awhile (I haven't had one for at least a year and the immersion blender my mom bought me for Christmas, isn't so great with frozen fruit) and I just happen to see an infomercial for the Nutribullet and they sold me.  Well kinda.  They sold me on the product but not really on the price so instead I bought it from Bed, Bath and Beyond where it was $20 less plus a 20% coupon and a $50 gift card I got for my wedding shower like three years ago!

I haven't tried it yet (I will tomorrow morning), but I'm pretty excited to use it!  Apparently, it even grinds nuts!  I'm hoping it'll be a budget friendly replacement for the Vitamix I can't afford.

So, it's been awhile since I posted.  Just sort of taking a break.  Recovering from the disappointment of my first failed IVF cycle.  I took a few weeks to just relax and now I'm getting back into the gym trying to lose some of the weight I gained from the hormones and lack of gym from the last 4.5 months.  I did really well this week, even got in a few two a days.  This week the plan is cardio in the morning before work then weights and maybe more cardio at night.  I'm very motivated to lose this extra weight by mid-September.  My next transfer will be around then and I want to be rid of this weight in case the transfer actually works.  I want to be as healthy as possible which is why I invested in the Nutribullet, drinking my spinach in the morning's gotta do something!  Ha.

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