Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Curtains!!!

I recently purchased these curtains after eyeing them for months on Urban Outfitters website.  They were on sale, which made it even better!  You would think I ordered a new Macbook Pro or something with how excited I am!  My kitchen (which we totally redid) still has these old blind things from when we moved in 5 years ago because I'm awful at buying window treatments, so these curtains will be a vast improvement.  Plus, my walls are a Tiffany blue, so these should be perfect, right?  We're also going to change the window moulding to white, all the window and door frames are currently a dark brown wood.  Maybe I'll post a photo of my kitchen soon.  I finally finished grouting the back splash a few weeks ago.  It only took me like 2 years to finish, but we won't get into that!

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